Mariana Radu-Piuk

Mariana Radu-Piuk / 2014

Mariana is a psychologist and psychotherapist with complementary training in hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnotherapy. She adheres to the Adlerian school of thought.

She has more than 5 years' experience in working with clients in psychotherapy and coaching in her own practice and the national health service.  

Mariana's conviction is that we set our goals and form our own beliefs about ourselves and others and the world at an early age. Since we cannot experience reality directly, we filter it through our own convictions, assumptions and experience.

As we are not aware of the lenses through which we see the world, we might mistake what we see for what it is. Such beliefs about who we are and how the world is, as well as the emotional response they trigger, can be a source of internal conflicts and tension in relation to others. The goal of her work with clients is to discover their identity and strengths, to develop an understanding of the actual sources of inner and interpersonal conflicts, facilitate access to the inner dynamic which might fuel such tensions and help clients find their solutions.


  • Psychotherapy and coaching in private practice , Vienna
  • Psychotherapy, Landeskrankenhaus Tulln, Stationäre Psychotherapie Section, Austria
  • Psychotherapy, “Concordia” NGO, “Sf. Lazar” Center (for former street children), Bucharest Romania


  • Psychotherapist, registration no. 9102/02.12.2014 with Austrian Health Ministry (Psychotherapeutenliste der BMG)
  • Hypnotherapist (iAuS), Milton Erickson Austria Gesellschaft